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Discussing Consent

Consent is an open expression by both parties to let the other know what they’re looking for. The saying “yes means yes” can be empowering and useful in thinking about what consent is.

Relationship Spectrum

Every relationship exists on a spectrum. It’s important to understand what healthy communication looks like and how to identify a potentially dangerous situations. Knowing the difference can keep you and your loved ones safe! 

Youth Trainings

CADA offers school trainings for

K - 12 students in Island County. Training topics include Abuse of Power, Rules of Dating, Respecting 'No,' and more.

If someone you know has experienced domestic violence or sexual assault, please call us at 360-675-7057 or our crisis line 360-675-2232. You can turn to us for help, we will help guide you or another toward self-sufficiency and a life free of violence.

Contact the Prevention Team

Are you interested in having CADA's Prevention Team speak to you or your group about recognizing and responding to unhealthy relationships or interpersonal abuse? 

Our Prevention Team is happy to present to students, adults, community groups, faith communities, and service providers. We are available to do virtual presentations during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. 

We also have a variety of resources available at no cost.

Prevention team contact information:

Get in touch today!

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch soon.
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