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Volunteer with CADA

CADA has a volunteer program that enables members of the community to take part in providing services to survivors of abuse. Because CADA serves all of Island County, CADA's volunteers are tremendously important to the agency and greatly appreciated.

If you have questions regarding volunteer positions with CADA, please contact our 

Volunteer Coordinator, Linda at 360-675-7057

CADA is seeking volunteers to fill our Court Watch position!

Court Watch Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Attend court hearings at Superior court; Wednesdays at 2:00pm

  • Accurately record court activities related to domestic violence cases observed

  • Maintain confidentiality and clear boundaries around client cases

Benefits of Volunteering with CADA

Here are just some of the benefits to volunteering with us:

  • Development of marketable skills for future career opportunities.

  • Opportunities to better understanding survivors’ experiences.

  • Training and other learning opportunities.

  • Documentation of training and work experience.

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